CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal Nominated Titles 2021

Abdollahi, Ehsan (illustrator) Morris, Jackie (author). The Secret of the Tattered Shoes
Publisher: Tiny Owl. ISBN: 9781910328378

Adeola, Dapo (illustrator) Byron, Nathan (author). Clean Up!
Publisher: Puffin. ISBN: 9780241345894

Adreani, Manuela (illustrator) Addison, Amanda (author). Boundless Sky
Publisher: Lantana Publishing. ISBN: 9781911373674

Ager, Charlotte (illustrator) Nuto, Blake (author).  Child of Galaxies
Publisher: Flying Eye Books. ISBN: 9781912497423

Antony, Steve. Green Lizards and Red Rectangles and the Blue Ball
Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781444948233

Arsenault,. Isabelle (illustrator) Barnett, Mac (author).  Just Because
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406388763

Barroux (illustrator) Kurman, Hollis (author).  Hello!
Publisher: Otter-Barry Books. ISBN: 9781913074999

Bickford-Smith, Coralie. The Song of the Tree
Publisher: Particular Books. ISBN: 9780241367216

Brown, Ruth. A Gallery of Cats
Publisher: Scallywag Press. ISBN: 9781912650170

Burningham, John. Mr Gumpy’s Rhino
Publisher: Jonathan Cape. ISBN: 9780857552013

Busuttil, Conor (illustrator) Maher, Laura Ruth (author). The Children of Lir
Publisher: O’Brien Press. ISBN: 9781788491068

Cai, Rovina (illustrator) Gardner, Sally (author). The Wind in the Wall
Publisher: Hot Key Books. ISBN: 9781471404986

Cheng-Liang, Zhu (illustrator) Murphy, Mary (author). What I Like Most
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406369045

Chiu, Cinyee (illustrator) Taylor, Sean (author) and Morss, Alex (author). Winter Sleep   
Publisher: words & pictures. ISBN: 9780711242838

Clark, Emma Chichester (illustrator) Manley, Ben (author).  The Misadventures of Frederick
Publisher: Two Hoots. ISBN: 9781509851539

Corry, Lydia (illustrator) Farrant, Natasha (author).  Eight Princesses and a Magic Mirror
Publisher: Head of Zeus, a Zephyr title. ISBN: 9781788541152

Courtney-Tickle, Jessica (illustrator) Casey, Dawn (author).  My Nana’s Garden
Publisher: Templar. ISBN: 9781787416635

Dalvand, Reza (illustrator) Ahmed, Sufiya (author).  Under the Great Plum Tree
Publisher: Tiny Owl. ISBN: 9781910328460

Deuchars, Marion. Bob Goes Pop
Publisher: Laurence King Publishing. ISBN: 9781786274915

Dieckmann, Sandra. Waiting for Wolf
Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781444946581

Dunbar, Polly (illustrator) McLaughlin, Eoin (author).  While We Can’t Hug
Publisher: Faber. ISBN: 9780571365609

Egneus, Daniel (illustrator) Meddour, Wendy (author).  Tibble and Grandpa
Publisher: Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780192771957

Eland, Eva. Where Happiness Begins
Publisher: Andersen Press. ISBN: 9781783448555

Ellis, Carson (illustrator) Cooper, Susan (author).  The Shortest Day
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406389265

Fatimaharan, Allen (illustrator) Lee, Hannah (author).  My Hair
Publisher: Faber. ISBN: 9780571346875

Feddag, Mouni (illustrator) Atinuke (author).  Africa Amazing Africa
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406376586

French, Fiona. Wild Wolf
Publisher: Otter-Barry Books. ISBN: 9781910959930

Gaya, Ester (illustrator) Royal Botanical Gardens Kew (author). Fungarium
Publisher: Templar. ISBN: 9781787415355

Harrison, Vashti (illustrator) Nyong’o, Lupita (author). Sulwe
Publisher: Puffin. ISBN: 9780241394328

Haworth-Booth, Emily. The Last Tree
Publisher: Pavilion. ISBN: 9781843654377

Hicks, Faith Erin (illustrator) Rowell, Rainbow (author).  Pumpkinheads
Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781529008630

Horacek, Petr. The Best Place in the World
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406388817

Hughes, Shirley. Angel on the Roof
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406379648

Iwu, Onyinye (illustrator) Atinuke (author).  Too Small Tola
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406388916

Izlesou, Anastasia (illustrator) Conlon, Dom (author). Leap, Hare, Leap!
Publisher: Graffeg. ISBN: 9781913134921

Jamieson, Victoria (author, illustrator) Geddy, Iman (colourist) and Mohamed, Omar (author).

When Stars Are Scattered
Publisher: Faber. ISBN: 9780571363858

Jarvis (illustrator) Toht, Patricia (author).  Pick a Pumpkin
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406360615

Jeffers, Oliver. The Fate of Fausto
Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books. ISBN: 9780008357917

Jones, Richard (illustrator) Brignull, Irena (author). The Child of Dreams
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406380897

Jones, Richard. Perdu
Publisher: Simon & Schuster. ISBN: 9781471181252

Kay, Jim (illustrator) Rowling, J.K. (author).  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Publisher: Bloomsbury. ISBN: 9781408845677

King-Chai, Sharon. Starbird   
Publisher: Two Hoots. ISBN: 9781509899562

Kitamura, Satoshi. The Smile Shop
Publisher: Scallywag Press. ISBN: 9781912650217

Kwak, Soojin. A Hat for Mr Mountain
Publisher: Two Hoots. ISBN: 9781529012606

Leitner, Inbal. The Longest Strongest Thread
Publisher: Scallywag Press. ISBN: 9781912650187

Lejonc, Régis (illustrator) Mezzalama, Chiara (author) Ardizzone, Sarah (translator). The Garden of Inside-Outside
Publisher: Book Island. ISBN: 9781911496168

Litchfield, David. Lights on Cotton Rock
Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781786033383

Love, Jeffrey Alan. The Hero’s Quest
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406387889

Lucas, David. The Wonderbird
Publisher: Orchard. ISBN: 9781408356227

Lumbers, Fiona (illustrator) Coelho, Joseph (author). The Hairdo That Got Away
Publisher: Andersen Press. ISBN: 9781783447824

Lundberg, Sara (illustrator) Epstein, B. J. (translator). The Bird Within Me
Publisher: Book Island. ISBN: 9781911496151

Magerl, Caroline. Nop
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406393477

Mayhew, James (illustrator) Morris, Jackie (author). Mrs Noah’s Garden
Publisher: Otter-Barry Books. ISBN: 9781910959466

Mendoza, Molly (illustrator) León, Amyra (author). Freedom, We Sing
Publisher: Flying Eye Books. ISBN: 9781912497324

Milner, Kate. It’s a No-Money Day
Publisher: Barrington Stoke. ISBN: 9781781128817

Milner, Kate (illustrator) Coelho, Joseph (author). The Girl Who Became a Tree
Publisher: Otter-Barry Books. ISBN: 9781913074784

Mistry, Poonam. How the Stars Came to Be
Publisher: Tate Publishing. ISBN: 9781849766630

Morris, Jackie. The Unwinding
Publisher: Unbound. ISBN: 9781783529353

Morris, Jackie (illustrator) Newhall Fowlett, Barbara (author). The House Without Windows
Publisher: Hamish Hamilton. ISBN: 9780241389812

O’Hara, Lauren (illustrator) Dahl, Sophie (author). Madame Badobedah
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406384406

Oswald, Pete. Hike
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406393804

Ouimet, David. I Go Quiet
Publisher: Canongate. ISBN: 9781786897404

Portis, Antoinette. A New Green Day
Publisher: Scallywag Press. ISBN: 9781912650484

Rayner, Catherine. Arlo The Lion Who Couldn’t Sleep
Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781509804207

Riddell, Chris. Guardians of Magic
Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781447277972

Robbins, Rose. Talking Is Not My Thing
Publisher: Scallywag Press. ISBN: 9781912650224

Rothery, Ben. Hidden Planet
Publisher: Ladybird. ISBN: 9780241361009

Schwarz, Viviane (illustrator) Conlon, Dom (author). This Rock, That Rock
Publisher: Troika Books. ISBN: 9781909991927

Smith, Sydney. Small in the City
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406388404

Starling, Robert (illustrator) Halls, Smriti (author). The Little Island
Publisher: Andersen Press. ISBN: 9781783449095

Tanaka, Yoko. Dandelion’s Dream
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406388770

Tennant, Harry (illustrator) Dorion, Christiane (author). Darwin’s Rival
Publisher: Walker Books. ISBN: 9781406378443

Topping, Victoria (illustrator) Kershaw, Dr Stephen P. (author). Mythologica 
Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions. ISBN: 9781786031921

Wilkins, James Francis. The Queen & Mr Brown: The Ugliest Fish in the Sea
Publisher: The Natural History Museum. ISBN: 9780565095123

Woodcock, Fiona (illustrator) Elphinstone, Abi (author). The Snow Dragon
Publisher: Simon & Schuster. ISBN: 9781471172472