Yoto Carnegie Medal for Illustration Nominated Titles 2023

Adeola, Dapo (illustrator) Blackman, Malorie (author). We’re Going to Find the Monster
Publisher: Puffin. ISBN: 9780241401309

Aspinall, Genevieve (illustrator) Hope, Jake (author). Cheesed Off!
Publisher: UCLan. ISBN: 9781912979745

Barroux, Stephane. I Love You, Blue
Publisher: Otter Barry Books. ISBN: 9781913074500

Bass, Sophie (illustrator) Agard, John (author). John Agard’s Windrush Child
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781529501124

Biddulph, Rob. The Blue-Footed Booby
Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books. ISBN: 9780008413392

Brown, Ruth. Eye Spy
Publisher: Scallywag Press. ISBN: 9781912650903

Casal, Mikel (illustrator) Plantel, Equipo (author) Schimel, Lawrence (translator).

This is a Dictatorship
Publisher: Book Island. ISBN: 9781911496205

Christania, Maria (illustrator) Goodhart, Pippa (author). Stop The Clock!
Publisher: Tiny Owl. ISBN: 9781910328811

Cockcroft, Jason. Running With Horses
Publisher: Andersen Press. ISBN: 9781839132087

Corr, Christopher (illustrator) Howard, Martin (author). A World Full of Journeys and Migration
Publisher: Frances Lincoln. ISBN: 9780711256170

de Freston, Tom (illustrator) Millwood Hargrave, Kiran (author). Julia and the Shark
Publisher: Orion Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781510107786

Delargy, Flora. Rescuing Titanic
Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions. ISBN: 9780711262768

Egnéus, Daniel (illustrator) Hope, Olivia (author). Be Wild, Little One
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781408884812

Estrela, Joana (illustrator) Hulme, Jay (author). My Own Way
Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions. ISBN: 9780711265844

Gravett, Emily. 10 Cats
Publisher: Two Hoots. ISBN: 9781509857364

Grey, Mini. The Greatest Show on Earth
Publisher: Puffin. ISBN: 9780241480830

Grill, William. Bandoola: The Great Elephant Rescue
Publisher: Flying Eye Books. ISBN: 9781838740238

Hogtun, Stephen. The Station Cat
Publisher: DK. ISBN: 9780241488096

Horáček, Petr. The Perfect Present
Publisher: Otter Barry Books. ISBN: 9781913074326

Ilustrajo, Mariajo. Flooded
Publisher: Frances Lincoln. ISBN: 9780711276765

Jarvis. The Boy with Flowers in His Hair
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781406392517

Jeffers, Oliver. There’s a Ghost in this House
Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books. ISBN: 9780008298357

Johnson, Richard (illustrator) Coelho, Joseph (author). Our Tower
Publisher: Frances Lincoln. ISBN: 9780711268821

Kastelic, Maja (illustrator) Bogart, Jo Ellen (author). Anthony and the Gargoyle
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781529505979

Keen, Teddy (illustrator) Unknown Adventurer (author). Journey to the Last River
Publisher: Frances Lincoln. ISBN: 9780711254473

Leng, Qin (illustrator) Lawson, JonArno (author). A Day for Sandcastles
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781529503951

Lomenech Gill, Olivia (illustrator) Burton, Jessie (author). Medusa
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781408886939

Loring-Fisher, Jo (illustrator) Nainy, Mamta (author). Rainbow Hands
Publisher: Lantana. ISBN: 9781913747831

Malone, Peter (illustrator) McCaughrean, Geraldine (author). A Tale of Two Dragons
Publisher: Andersen Press. ISBN: 9781839130281

Marks, Alan (illustrator) McShane, Marianne (author). The Fog Catcher’s Daughter
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781529506396

Mayhew, James. Once Upon a Tune
Publisher: Otter-Barry Books. ISBN: 9781913074036

Mhasane, Ruchi (illustrator) Sirdeshpande, Rashmi (author). Dadaji’s Paintbrush
Publisher: Andersen Press. ISBN: 9781839131394

Monnet, Clemence (illustrator) Tosdevin, Frances (author). An Artist’s Eyes
Publisher: Frances Lincoln. ISBN: 9780711264830

Moore, Inga. Moose’s Book Bus
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781406385694

Morris, Ian (illustrator) Dawnay, Gabby (author). The Library Book
Publisher: Thames & Hudson. ISBN: 9780500652602

Morris, Jackie (illustrator) Davies, Nicola (author). The Song That Sings Us
Publisher: Firefly Press. ISBN: 9781913102777

Murphy, Stef (illustrator) Page, Alexandra (author). The Fire Fox
Publisher: Two Hoots. ISBN: 9781529056556

Percival, Tom. The River
Publisher: Simon & Schuster. ISBN: 9781471191336

Phillips, Benjamin (illustrator) Hanaor, Ziggy (author). Alte Zachen: Old Things
Publisher: Cicada. ISBN: 9781800660229

Pinfold, Levi (illustrator) Harrold, A.F. (author). The Worlds We Leave Behind
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781526623881

Rayner, Catherine. Five Bears
Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781529051278

Riddell, Chris (illustrator) Crossley-Holland, Kevin (author). Arthur: The Always King
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781406378436

Roozeboos. Choices
Publisher: Child’s Play. ISBN: 9781786285645

Sardà, Júlia. The Queen in the Cave
Publisher: Walker Studio. ISBN: 9781406367430

Smith, Gill (illustrator) Cooper, Helen (author). Saving The Butterfly
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781406397208

Smy, Pam. The Hideaway
Publisher: Pavilion Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781843654797

Song, Junli (illustrator) Weil, Zaro (author). When Poems Fall from the Sky
Publisher: Welbeck Editions (first published by ZaZa Kids/Troika Books). ISBN: 9781803380605

Suzanna, Beth (illustrator) Stephens, Jordan (author). The Missing Piece
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781526618139

Todd-Stanton, Joe. The Comet
Publisher: Flying Eye Books. ISBN: 9781838740658

Tudor, Nia (illustrator) Christopher, Lucy (author). The Queen on our Corner
Publisher: Lantana. ISBN: 9781911373889

Weaver, Jo. Bibi
Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781444948714

Weaver, Jo (illustrator) Anderson, Justin (author). Narwhal: The Arctic Unicorn
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781406396065

Welby, Bethan (illustrator) Gray, Nigel (author). Phyllis & Grace
Publisher: Scallywag Press. ISBN: 9781912650514

White, Paula. The Baker by the Sea
Publisher: Templar. ISBN: 9781787419186

Wormell, Chris (illustrator) Pullman, Philip (author). The Subtle Knife
Publisher: Scholastic. ISBN: 9780702310423

Yu, Rong (illustrator) Jianling, Yin (author). The Visible Sounds
Publisher: UCLan. ISBN: 9781912979790

Zdung, Jeet (illustrator) Trang, Nguyen (author). Saving Sorya: Chang and the Sun Bear
Publisher: Kingfisher. ISBN: 9780753446591

Zommer, Yuval. The Lights That Dance in the Night
Publisher: Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780192769848