Yoto Carnegie Medal for Illustration Nominated Titles 2024

Agee, Jon. My Dad is a Tree
Publisher: Scallywag. ISBN: 9781915252173

Anima, Olya (illustrator) DeBhairduin, Oein (author). The Slug and the Snail
Publisher: Little Island Books. ISBN: 9781915071071

Baker-Smith, Grahame. The Ever-Changing Earth
Publisher: Templar Publishing. ISBN: 9781800782211

Baker, Jeannie. Desert Jungle
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781406387872

Barrow, Alex (illustrator) Dawnay, Gabby (author). If I Had a Crocodile
Publisher: Thames and Hudson. ISBN: 9780500653050

Becker, Aaron. The Tree and the River
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781529512946

Bendix, Tea (illustrator) Ness, Patrick (author). Different for Boys
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781529509496

Bickford-Smith, Coralie. The Squirrel and the Lost Treasure
Publisher: Particular Books. ISBN: 9780241541975

Browne, Anthony. A Boy, His Dog and the Sea
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781529507058

Campi, Thomas (illustrator) de Fombelle, Timothée (author) Ardizzone, Sarah (translator). A Swallow in Winter
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781406399776

Carlin, Laura (illustrator) Almond, David (author). The Woman Who Turned Children Into Birds
Publisher: Walker Studio. ISBN: 9781406307115

Child, Lauren (illustrator) Carroll, Emma (author). The Little Match Girl Strikes Back
Publisher: Simon & Schuster. ISBN: 9781398512818

Cockcroft, Jason (illustrator) Holland, Tom (author). The Wolf-Girl, the Greeks and the Gods: A Tale of the Persian Wars
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781406394740

Cole, Lo. Doris
Publisher: Rocket Bird Books. ISBN: 9781915395054

Dagilè, Inga (illustrator) Marcinkevičius, Marius (author). The Pebble
Publisher: Thames and Hudson. ISBN: 9780500653265

de Freston, Tom (illustrator) Hargrave, Kiran Milwood (author). Leila and the Blue Fox
Publisher: Orion Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781510110274

Dean, Rachael (illustrator) White, Kathryn (author). Home for Grace
Publisher: Andersen Press. ISBN: 9781839131752

Docherty, Thomas (illustrator) Dougherty, John (author). The Hare-Shaped Hole
Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books. ISBN: 9780711276055

Donnelly, Paddy (illustrator) Tagholm, Sarah (author). Wolves in Helicopters
Publisher: Andersen Press. ISBN: 9781839131462

Echeverri, Catalina (illustrator) McGuckin, Isla (author). April’s Garden
Publisher: Graffeg. ISBN: 9781802583410

Evans, Kate (illustrator) Matthews, Cerys and Thomas, Dylan (authors). Cerys Matthews’ Under Milk Wood: An Illustrated Retelling
Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson. ISBN: 9781474622509

Farfort, Lucy. In Our Hands
Publisher: Tate Publishing. ISBN: 9781849768146

Gent, Owen. That’s Nice, Love
Publisher: Book Island . ISBN: 9781911496267

Graham, Bob. The Concrete Garden
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781529512649

Gravett, Emily (illustrator) Lake, Nick (author). The House With a Dragon in it
Publisher: Simon & Schuster. ISBN: 9781471194863

Haughton, Chris. Well Done, Mummy Penguin
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781406385533

Hogtun, Stephen. Deep
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781526610683

Horáček, Petr (illustrator) Davies, Nicola (author). Choose Love
Publisher: Graffeg. ISBN: 9781802583779

Ilustrajo, Mariajo. Lost
Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books. ISBN: 9780711277946

Kaadan, Nadine (illustrator) Robert, Na’ima B (author). A Child Like You
Publisher: Otter-Barry Books. ISBN: 9781913074173

King-Chai, Sharon (illustrator) Donaldson, Julia (author). Colours, Colours Everywhere
Publisher: Two Hoots. ISBN: 9781529078527

Klassen, Jon. The Skull
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781529509571

Lynch, P.J. (illustrator) Frost, Robert (author). Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781529506341

MacDonald, Shona Shirley (illustrator) Ryan, Ellen (author). Girls Who Slay Monsters
Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books. ISBN: 9780008538972

Mayhew, James and Toto. The Frog’s Kiss
Publisher: Scholastic. ISBN: 9780702317613

McCarthy, Steve. The Wilderness
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781406385199

McKean, Dave (illustrator) Said, SF (author). Tyger
Publisher: David Fickling Books. ISBN: 9781788452830

Meza, Erika. To the Other Side
Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781444971781

Mistry, Poonam. The Midnight Panther
Publisher: Templar Publishing. ISBN: 9781787418929

Mori, Yoko (illustrator) Hirano, Cathy (translator). Teddy’s Midnight Adventure
Publisher: Pushkin. ISBN: 9781782694014

Mosquera, Yolanda (illustrator) Echeverría, Julio Serrano (author) Schimel, Lawrence (translator). Balam and Lluvia’s House
Publisher: The Emma Press. ISBN: 9781915628114

Mountford, Karl James. The Circles in the Sky
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781529502572

Nebechi, Kingsley (illustrator) Atinuke (author). Brilliant Black British History
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781526635716

Ogilvie, Sara (illustrator) Rundell, Katherine (author). The Zebra’s Great Escape
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781526652263

Pinfold, Levi. Paradise Sands
Publisher: Walker Studio. ISBN: 9781406383942

Rayner, Catherine (illustrator) Donaldson, Julia (author). The Bowerbird
Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781529092240

Rigano, Giovanni (illustrator) Colfer, Eoin and Donkin, Andrew (authors). Global
Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781444951912

Sardà, Júlia (illustrator) Eggers, Dave (author). Moving the Millers’ Minnie More Mine Mansion
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781529516302

Savage, Chloe. The Search for the Giant Arctic Jellyfish
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781406391886

Scurfield, Lynn (illustrator) Craig, Mya-Rose (author). Flight
Publisher: Puffin. ISBN: 9780241597927

Smith, Jennifer N.R. Glow: The Wild Wonders of Bioluminescence
Publisher: Thames and Hudson. ISBN: 9780500653203

Smith, Sydney (illustrator) Scott, Jordan (author). My Baba’s Garden
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781529515558

Terrazzini, Daniela Jaglenka (illustrator) O’Farrell, Maggie (author). The Boy Who Lost His Spark
Publisher: Walker. ISBN: 9781406392012

Todd-Stanton, Joe (illustrator) Stewart, Alexandra (author). Darwin & Hooker: A Story of friendship, curiosity and discovery that changed the world
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books. ISBN: 9781526613998

Todd-Stanton, Joe. Luna and the Treasure of Tlaloc
Publisher: Flying Eye Books. ISBN: 9781838740801

Vere, Ed. The Artist
Publisher: Puffin. ISBN: 9780141376387

Winston, Sam. One and Everything
Publisher: Walker Studio. ISBN: 9781529509298

Woffenden, Chris (illustrator) Sprenger, Christian (author). ZombieGerm 2: Mission Clutz
Publisher: Highfield. ISBN: 9781915256225

Wolters, Octavie (illustrator) Hutchison, Michele (translator). The Starling’s Song
Publisher: Pushkin. ISBN: 9781782694076

Zając, Aleksandra (illustrator) Oziewicz, Tina (author). What Feelings Do When No One’s Looking
Publisher: Pushkin. ISBN: 9781782693598