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Crossing the Line
A wonderful read that really sheds an in-depth, personal perspective on a scarcely spoken about topic that deserves more discussion. With this dive into the experience of county lines, I find it easier to empathize with victims and what they are going through in comparison to the detached view I had of county lines from what I've learned in school before reading this. The well written emotions really helped with this—it was easy to feel what Erik was feeling, the tension, the suspense and the fear. Everything. I also really enjoyed seeing all the different shapes the text took and how it correlated to what that particular bit of the story was about. The domino motif was also super interesting to me, of bad decisions and choices stacking up and eventually toppling over. Overall, a brilliant, enlightening read that I would very much recommend.


Away With Words
I loved the idea of words being physical things representing the tone and feelings of the speaker and the fact they could be preserved. This was mirrored by the creativity of the words appearing on the page. The characters develop well and the reader follows their journey as the girls face their anxieties and new situations. A sensitive story that stays with you.

Mrs T