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The Door of No Return
I started reading this book after it was recommended to me by a friend of mine. I didn't get very far as the way it was formatted was like a group of poems. I personally found this hard to read and decided to give up and read another book. From what I read I found it interesting and would have happily read a book with the same plot but a different format. I was disappointed as I was really looking forward to reading this book and generally I think it is a good author.


The Song Walker
After reading this book I was a bit disappointed. I chose to read this book because I liked the blurb but after starting it I realised it was a very slow book. After persevering through the book I reached the ending. The ending was very anticlimactic.


Steady for This
I was interested in this book due to the cover and when I started reading it I realised it was an amazing book about a boy growing up and facing challenges along the way. I liked how you got to connect to the character and care about his future. I would recommend this book although it can be a bit slow going at the beginning it is worth the effort as the ending is good.


Away With Words
Away with words is a book about a young girl named Gala, whose father has moved from their home in Spain to Scotland to be with his husband Ryan. The book follows Gala's journey and her hurdles settling into a new place: learning English, making friends and coming to like her new home. I enjoyed this book most of the way through, but the ending felt a little bit rushed and aimed at a younger reader. The ending was unrealistic as well as being less emotionally mature than the rest of the book. The fact that they were able to see spoken words was an excellent addition, whilst not taking away from the realism of the story. It showed how words can be harmful, but also the healing power of words, in a clever way. Overall, the book was good and I would recommend it. I would give it 8/10