Waddesdon Shadowers

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Steady for This
I think that this was a very good book and the story fits perfectly with the characters and was funny, sad and relatable at times. I think that the character contrast between Growls and Siobhan was interesting and led to the character development of Growls. This book basically had me hooked from page one until the end.


Safiyyah's War
I found this book quite slow and hard to follow so unfortunately I didn't end up finishing the book. However, it was quite factual.


Away With Words
A really moving and enjoyable story with very important topics like Natalie's selective mutism and Gala's struggles with understanding English. I love how words were scattered all around the pages in different shapes and fonts; it really puts Gala's frustration and struggles into perspective. This book really makes people feel for Gala and Natalie, and to learn more about their problems and although I struggled at first to get into it, it had a lovely ending and was worth reading!


Choose Love
choose love is such a powerful poetry book , each line brings so much emotion and allows the reader to learn the tough yet true experiences refugees go through. Also the paintings have no words yet speak millions. love this book!


Crossing the Line
Dylan - It was overall a good book but sometimes I found the word shapes hard to read. Samuel - I found that the book was really good and fun to read and it showed us how easy it is to be brought into things and that we need to be careful.

Samuel and Dylan

Crossing the Line
Reading crossing line was a great privilege as it was such a filled book . Every chapter left me wanting to read more and the authors creative writing added a new interesting twist to literature. Not only was it creative it also showed the reader the true hard facts about what does happen in life and how they can affect you. As you go through this book you begin to learn more about the character, his feelings, his friend and his family. Although , the one little thing that could be improved was that fact that through many off the songs Erik’s friend would play songs that many children would not know or listen to nowadays and this might have a slight effect on the reader . Overall this is a great read and would really recommend.