Register for the 2024 Yoto Carnegies Shadowing Scheme

Registration for the 2025 awards will open in November 2024.

Please complete the form below to register for Shadowing the 2024 Awards. You need to re-register each year to take part.

Online Shadowing: Register for your Shadowing Group to take part in online Shadowing Activity once the shortlists are revealed in March and shadowing begins. You need to register for your group to submit their reviews and artwork and to vote in the Shadowers’ Choice Awards. Shadowing can take place in any location in the world through access to our online resources.

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We need your last name.

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You will be sent a passkey in your Shadowing Registration Confirmation email.

The website includes a map of shadowing groups to allow neighbouring groups to find each other and connect independently. If you provide your postcode below your Shadowing Group and School/Library name will be added to this map. Your contact details will not be shared.

Your data

We collect your Group Leader name, Shadowing Group Name and Group Leader email address for the purpose of authenticating your Shadowing Group’s online activity i.e. submitting reviews and artwork. When your students submit a review or artwork online, they will enter your Shadowing Group Name and Pass Key. Once submitted you will receive a one-time authentication email to approve the content and publish it to the website.

We will delete your data within six months of the end of the Shadowing period. We will require you to re-register each year to take part in online Shadowing Activity.

We collect contact names and addresses for the purpose of a one-time mailing of the Yoto Carnegies publicity packs fulfilled by a third-party mailing house. Your name and address will be shared with the mailing house, and your data will be stored securely by CILIP.

We will require you to re-register each year to receive a Shadowing Publicity Pack.

For more information please see the Yoto Carnegies privacy statement.