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How to use the Shadowing Website

Once our Medal Shortlists are announced in March each year you will find book pages dedicated to each shortlisted book where Shadowers can submit their reviews and artwork using the buttons that appear beneath the book cover. Shadowers can navigate to the book pages from Shortlist pages accessed via the top-level menu bar and by selecting the book that they wish to interact with.

In order to submit their content Shadowers will need to know their Shadowing Group Name and Group Passkey, which will have been emailed to you when you registered. This should be shared with your group via a secure channel and not publicised more widely. If you cannot find the email and you need a reminder of your group name or passkey please request your passkey to be re-sent here

Once content is submitted, group leaders will receive an email with a link to approve and publish their content without having to log in.